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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Package Thief-ery

Superchunk reference in the blog title, how profound! But I digress. Look, just because you're Honka Hoota, the biggest name in bicycle horn technology, doesn't mean you can take a published illustration and rip it off wholesale. Por ejemple, Honka Hoota's "Little Big Horn" comes packaged on a bright, colorful, somewhat vintage looking card (maybe it's the saloon lettering?) with a resplendent Custer on horseback and a perturbed, bloodlusting Union soldier flanking him. The image looked familiar so after some super-sleuthing, The Blog discovered the image in question was from Gregory JW Urwin's "The United States Cavalry An Illustrated History"! Zounds! But even more appalling was the exclusion of a soldier on Custer's other flank. A soldier who appears to be completely inebriated, wearing blue pajama pants with a feather stuck in his hat at a rakish angle. Is this what it's come to Hoonka Hoota, whitewashing the atrocities and rampant substance abuse in the Union army during the War of Northern Aggression??? Those who don't learn from history are bound to repeat it.

Oh yes, Custer didn't carry a bugle into battle. Usually a sabre and some sort of souvernir troll doll taken from the corpse of a fallen soldier but never a musical instrument. That is all.

The spoils of war. The one with blue hair is named Alex. Name does not denote gender:


Palmetto Solo said...

Alex has some sweet navel jewelry.

Miss Jumper said...

I need to know who styles those dolls. I'm guessing Andy.

Papa Wheelie said...

What the heck is that on the green-haired troll's head? One of The Blog's Cat's Beds filled with Silly Putty?