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Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Morning AWESOME and Friday Morning NOT-SO-AWESOME

In awesomeness, it appears Columbia is getting an all-night charity bike ride going in September AND it's happening at one of the more scenic locales in Columbia AND tons of Hawley folk will be there AND so will Toby Porter AND no guarantees on Toby showing up AND it's for a great cause AND one of the sponsors is The Blog's neighborhood shop AND it's cheap so why wouldn't you do it??? Click the picture for the lowdown.

In not-so-awesomeness-but-typical-yet-bizarre:


Emily said...

I'd be all about it, but it's the same weekend as the Southeast's premier all-night, open-course urban cycling event, Faster Mustache 24-Hour Alleycat in Atlanta. Which, I'm sorry, is just way more awesome, also cheaper, twice as long, and involves free beer.

Palmetto Solo said...

Is this a challenge? Will the blog be making an appearance and all his awesomeness? I will have to take to my Raleigh and see if see minds.