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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Predator Theater Players: An Article of Excess

There's a scene in "Predator" where Dutch and Dillon greet each other with a bicep flexed hand clasping. The camera stays on the bicep shot 8 seconds longer than social mores allow. It was completely unnecessary, but it spoke to us on a metaphorical, nay, an epistemological level. It was a mirror, and within it, we glimpsed ourselves in an primal, Lacanian condition. The same could be said about this nutcase who added jet boosters to his classic cruiser. Unnecessary but an act so devoid of reason that it redeems itself, its existence. George found the article and asked The Blog to "throw it up" here. For a comprehensive list of vomit slang, please consult. That is all.


Drama G said...

I like how you're trying to put Det. John Kimball up against Apollo Creed. A boxer against a school teacher?
I wonder if between their fists is a pen.15 seconds would have been so much better that 8 seconds though. Better luck next time running man!

Ice-T said...

you are lucky that John Matrix is jumping off the landing gear of a commercial jet for a nice landing in a swamp at 250 mph so he can track down Sully and straight arm him off of a clif with his "weak arm". Otherwise, you would be sacrificed in that name of Crom and Conan would rejoice in the defeat of his enemies.