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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More From The Women's Race In Charlotte: Assorted Pain Faces

Josh took a few photos at the race Saturday, after we flogged him for insolence. Pithy commentary follows after the ellipsis. Standard blogging protocol...

Storck van packed with Storcks, as well as several road bikes:

Jeff stretches his shoulder blades as Andy thinks about, well, Andy!Vanderkitten sighting in mid-peloton. Laura? It's tough to tell as everybody wears white helmets:
Dang, that's a quality pain face on the lead rider. Looks like the cyanide pill went down the wrong pipe. We shall remember the valor she displayed for her teammates!

Another V'Kitten rounds a corner in hot purrrrrsuit. I couldn't resist. It was there. If I didn't type it, then somebody else would've. Toss me a frickin' bone people! Anyhoo, not much of a pain face. Is that one of the Jens?Looks like Brooke Miller. Their team was rocking pink hoods. Zero pain face. Looks more like "sadist face". Pfft:

Tina Pic exhibits some classic pain face. Clenched teeth, straining facial muscles:
Methinks this is one of the other Jens. Jen X? She's rocking a pretty good pain face, more of a gasp face. However I did notice the tall drink of water behind her has the "pain so bad it looks like I can't stop smiling but I'm just trying to stifle the bile from shooting all over myself":
Jen ? gets ready to mount the podium for the national crit series overall standings. Look at that tuxedo cat on the back of her jersey! Gadzooks!
On our way out, we noticed the Mountain Khakis econoline sporting a garish Eleven 81 logo. This would've warmed Dave Carson's heart.

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