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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

FATS Haikus For Youse

Went to FATS Sunday.
The trails were tendrils of dirt,
Pleasure sprung forth!

Joshie was sweaty.
Kenny was like a kitten
Swatting a yarn ball!

The locals were kind
And opted to say hello,
And not murder us.

Josh rolls over a log. This looks like a run of the mill photo, but HOW did Kelly transpose herself 15 yards closer in only an eighth of a second????!!?! Wormholes my friend, and apparently, Kelly has been withholding that sweet, sweet wormhole goodness from us:

The Blog dented a rim on a nasty rock. Egads, it hurts just to look at it. Que sera:


dwight yoakam said...

sorry to hear about the rim . . . you should see the salsa's that i've beat back into place with block and hammer. yeah, still riding/racing on them.

Palmetto Solo said...

Damn blog put on some glasses. Looks like you folks had a good time.