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Monday, August 24, 2009

Dupont: Makin' Tacos and Eatin' Nachos

Tripp "t-bag" Bagnall and I had a little jaunt at Dupont State Forest with weekend. I really cannot think of any way to reference, Predator or Native Americans. Just look at the pics.

"Does anyone have some queso dip?"

I was hoping to find Mogua and his band of Huron warriors behind the falls. Pickleshoes!!

Nothing like licorice jelly beans and melted fat-back over some low carb chips to rejeuvenate the body and soul. If only I had a liter of flat Cheerwine to quench my soul.

Tripp was still full from his meal on the trail. This looks alot like those prototype space meals we got from Jim.


joshie said...

nice job. I love tacos!

Spankye said...

just missed you up here Colin. i saw the guy on the grey KOna at a trail intersection but we kept rolling.