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Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Morning Moment of Awesomeness

We got some sample bike lights from Taiwan. Needless to say, minds were blown and heads exploded ("Scanners"-style) as we tried to decipher some of the warning labels. Apparently, according to the illustrations, your bicycle will emit a heavily concentrated beam of frozen ice once activated. Then, a giant vitamin pill will shoot straight at your eyes as you grit your teeth with a level of anticipation equivalent to that of "alien abductee steels himself for alien probe-a-thon". Also, is that hair or some sort of helmet? It doesn't matter because you've only got "500M" to live.Speaking of which, how many times have you installed a new timing belt or sink fixture, stepped back and wondered "Have I installed this succesfully?" only to hear the reassuring if not mysterious sound of "patter" and think, "Yes, I HAVE installed this Hello Kitty Island Adventure ceiling fan SUCCESSFULLY!"

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