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Friday, February 12, 2010

12 Songs For February 12 For Those Riding Home In The Snoooow

I shall never own this snow bike, because I like CUSTOM bikes, not off the shelf Taiwan junk!
Paul McCartney's "Ram" is The Blog's favorite solo record performed by a Beatle who isn't Ringo Starr. It's pretty much the most rocking thing that was on The Blog's ride to work mix this morning. I included 11 more songs that are not necessarily unpleasant but rock with just as much abandon. Sorry Chris Maret (receiving stevedore), but I refuse to listen to Om (or Sleep for that matter!) when I'm pedaling in the snow! It would be most inappropriate! But YOU shall listen to Motley Crue because I command it! (Paul McCartney's snarling face has a link to a zip file with the muzak: Paul McCartney "Too Many People", Uppercrust "Eureka I've Found Love", Gang Of Four "Damaged Goods", Lucero "I Can Get Us Out Of Here", Guided By Voices "Quality Of Armor", Dinosaur Jr. "Been There All The Time", Jawbreaker "Condition Oakland", Foreigner "Double Vision", Queens Of The Stone Age "Hangin Tree", Bad Brains "Banned In DC", Hot Snakes "Audit Me", Motley Crue "Shout At The Devil")

In other news, Brad (shipping) won the battle of the Body Mass Index this morning. It being the dead of winter, most of us resemble Poppin' Fresh with our doughy midsections, but Brad stepped into the octagon of pinching and walked away with a respectable 9 percent. Brad isn't much of a cyclist but apparently follows MMA fighting which the Blog can only furrow a brow at. Congratulations Brad! You've started half of the office down the path of eating disorders. Have a frank and productive weekend you blog sloths!!!

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