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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Renaissance Fair/ Carolina Triathlon move...great success.

Carolina Triathlon in Greenville, SC has recently relocated for more space and to be legally zoned to board Centaurs. I stopped by recently to get a fresh vial of Unicorn (always capitalized) blood from Mark, the resident master mechanic/cobbler/Unicorn poacher. He lead me to the back to sell me some of his wares when I spotted this pure-bred Belgian horse/Toby Keith hybrid. Oh pickleshoes!!!
Ben, the Manager/Wizard/scissor sharpener, can help you with a massive inventory of all of the latest Triathlon gear and salted meat you could ever want. They also have a sweet little Mexican restaurant across the street worth checking out. But don't eat there. They just have good Paote.

Mad Props to the guys for this one off door pull. Looks like they "pulled it off".
Oh cinnamon gravy!!!


Anonymous Florida sales rep said...

Wow, is "hacksaw" Jim Duggan a centaur now?? How awesome is that? Way awesome I say.

Ice-T said...

no. Actually Jim Duggan lives here in Columbia, SC