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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday Evening Frivolity

The Blog's good friend John C. was in town with his band Lucero last night playing at a local watering hole. Although "the rock and roll" has never been The Blog's "bag" because of the rabble that usually accompanies it, most in attendance were well behaved as the applause was polite, the conversation was good-natured and pleasant manners ruled the evening.

As I set down my lorgnettes to quench my thirst with a brandied ice water and rosemary, I espied Hawley receiving dynamo J Town (Justin) slouching behind the organ player, pursing his fingers and laughing maniacally. Kids and their rock and roll records! J-Town enjoys the melodious caterwauling of the organ so I let him be. He was positively feral!

Speaking of ferality and rock and roll, the new Soma Iggy three speed wheels are in stock. Pay homage to Iggy Pop, or The Stooges if you will and purchase a set for your favorite Mixte!

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