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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Number One With a Bullitt

Brian Comley (Shimano, Vicious Purchaser) had his son Tyler with him at work today. Tyler attends Lexington Ninja Academy and was getting some on-the-job "shadowing" practice in an office environment. The graphics team sensed he was getting a little bored of ninja "stuff" so we threw him a Nerf gun and told him to go wild. Six robbed convenience stores and one burned out school bus later, we thought it best to show him the target practice/stress reliever board. Tyler had good technique but you could tell he was used to shurikens instead of the revolver; the weapon of choice for gentlemen of culture and impeccable taste.

2 KILL SHOTS! Great shootin' Tyler, but sadly the bet was for 3 kill shots so it looks like you'll be living in the warehouse for the next 11 years. Don't worry, you can sleep in a Yakima Get Out Pro Roof Bag (CARR 7812) and pretend like you're an Egyptian Pharaoh every night as you cry yourself to sleep!!! By the way, shipping usually clocks in around 8:30. Bring some good work gloves too. Thanks buddy.


Miss Jumper said...


dwight yoakam said...

glad to see that Jonny T in the skinsuit still lives on!

Bill Nye said...

Fugazi reference?