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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Analog Wishes and Caviar Dreams: Commuter Bike Of The Week

Did anybody ever listen to Jawbreaker back in the day? I remember a friend during my freshman year of college referring to them as "cerebral punk rock" (compared to uh I dunno, Bad Brains?) but after returning to listen to their major label debut on the drive into work this morning, I would have to arch an eyebrow at such a pronouncement. Obviously, "Dear You" doesn't hold a candle to "Bivouac" or "24 Hour Revenge Therapy"in terms of rockitudinal acumen, but some of the lyrics are downright insipid, nauseating, even offensive (to the listener's intelligence). This rant against Jawbreaker has nothing to do with cycling but I felt like I needed to get it off my chest. Don't get me wrong, Jawbreaker rocked out with the best of them. Holy moley. That tour they did with Jawbreaker in the fall of 95 was especially epic! I think I only paid 9 dollars for a ticket which is a steal compared to these sad sacks nowadays paying seven dollars for a matinee showing of "Up" (please don't debate the worthlessness of that movie!). Sadly, the glory days of George Harrison-styled lyric writing are over and there's nothing we can do about it people! I say we only listen to Phillip Glass LPs from now on....

That's right, I prefer the dulcet hisses of analog! Keep your MP-whatevers! Bah, humbug!
In other news, this week's commuter bike of the week belongs to Will "Strangler Of Transients" Gillette. Say hello to his little friend, a Ridley Compact road bike. Will has been commuting on some form of cross bike for a while so it was quite a shock to his system to ride something with slick tires and road geometry. The Blog has never seen Will so upbeat, so positive, almost happy?

The ubiquitous Planet Bike Super Flash Blinky (LITE5368) and the always dependable Pedro's Small Blowout Bag (BAGS3512) gird the Ridley's loins (bicycle-ly speaking)

It wouldn't be a Will road bike without XTR pedals. The kid's got panache!!!

White water bottle cages, for his pleasure...

(late edit: Will's cat is named Ridley! Coincidence???!)

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