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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Charity Rides Galore! AT-ATs Galore!

There's something so peaceful and life-affirming about an AT-AT walker strolling down I-95 in the early morning midst. Its heart yearns for the love of a good woman, the familiarity of home and the death of them Rebel scum. Well, as the weather begins to turn towards Spring and all things relating to rebirth-rejuvenation-grainy slow motion footage of flowers opening, it's time to dust off the road bikes and think about riding. After that considerable undertaking, it'll be time to actually ride. Luckily, there are a couple descent-sized charity rides right here in the "sandbelt" that could strike your fancy.

First up is the Colon Cancer Challenge on March 20. There is a 10, 25 and 65 mile loop option. All proceeds go towards colon cancer screening for underprivledged patients. It's win-win people! Make sure to register and get a chance to ride with Hawley's very own Jose Texidor! On May 15, The Lexington Greenways Alliance is serving up a steaming pile of century for those stuffed sausages you call "legs". 102.5 punishing, lake-circumnavigating, kinda boring miles at the start of Columbia's "humid season" (changed from "yellow fever season"). There's a 30, 72 mile, etc, blah blah option but forget that. You're doing the century with The Blog and that's that. Jiminy crickets! Who shall toe the century line? Who shall feel their century oats only to receive their comeuppance on the treacherous climbs that dot the route? Who shall rub pre-ride mango flavored embrocation on Brian Hackathorn's quadriceps? Who shall feign a particularly intrusive saddle sore at mile 18, commandeer the SAG wagon and head towards the nearest Taco Bell for refreshments and bawdy songs to amuse the local peasantry? He's typing this RIGHT ... NOW!!!

1 comment:

spokejunky said...

How do you know it's Mango flavored? Anyway it matches my mango colored thong. Stop looking at my whale tail.