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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Omloop Het Niesuwblad... I'm Sorry, I Don't Speak Klingon

The Blog read a teaser article for the upcoming Omloop Het Niesuwblad on that nefarious scandal rag "Cyclingnews" and like a bolt of lightning hurled from Mount Olympus, the realization that Spring Classics season is almost upon us struck me dumb in my chair and charred my skin slightly, as lightning is known to do. Huzzah! Let the hardcore fanatics and bellicose old timers have their Ghent's and their Roubaix's and even their Rhonde's. The Blog will take the Omloop Het Niesuwblad over all of them because of the sheer ridiculousness of its name.

Seriously, how much time do Belgians waste during a lifetime pronouncing these 19 syllable race titles? Anyhoo, the Omloop, formerly known as the Omloop Het Volk and prior to that, Waffletron 9000, is a nasty little race that combines crummy weather with bombastic, punchy climbs garnished with lovely bits of cobbles and several thousand drunken, rampaging Belgians. How can this thing not be watched? So here is the question: Is anybody broadcasting this thing on TV? Versus? Universal? This is less a post and more of a "fishing expedition" if you get my drift, but if you know of any internet streams or broadcasts, drop a line in the comments. This year's edition should be full of fireworks and possibly some cycling, but mostly ner-do-wells hurling M-80s at innocent passerbys as Rene Magritte impersonators huddle for warmth. The Blog has developed more of a passing interest in the impending carnage so help a brotha out. Srrsly ya'll. By the way, our good friend at Belgian Knee Warmers has an excellent write up for Omloop Het Niesuwblad. Lists all twelve of this year's climbs with grade percentages included! How can this NOT get you excited about vacationing in Belgium?

1 comment:

spokejunky said...

Check cyclingfans.com or steephill.tv for vid,audio and ticker links. So sayeth the flock.
I'll be wearing my tiger striped balloon pants, drinking Chimay while eating frites.