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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Walker: Vexes Danger

Neighborhood walkers and joggers, they seek death. They search for it every night in the Blog's neighborhood, running against traffic (as they're supposed too) but refusing to yield an inch to oncoming cars and bicycles. It's turned into a game of chicken as I ride home from work. A car comes up behind me, but a knock-kneed jogger is coming towards me the opposite direction. Hmmm. For example, last night, a trifecta of joggers running in some sort of uber-aggressive phalanx formation were fast approaching. I swerved towards the middle of the street (near the lane divider) just as a GMC Yukon flew past me honking its horn. YIKES! Close call, but luckily the joggers were fine. My dear beloved walkers and joggers, I know you love your completely non-reflective reflective belts and vests, but would it hurt you to don a light or six? Seriously, it's hard for me to notice you hobbling along at a pace you call "running" (while most would call it "50's Movie Robot Impersonating")) while I'm trying to update my Facebook status on my Droid while fiddling with my seat bag! "Riding home, multi-tasking. LOL. It's cold. AH, joggers!!!!" So as a suggestion, here are some non-invasive, tiny lights that you can attach to yourself to give those of us on conveyances a heads up....

New vendor for 2010, Knog (from Australia) have started arriving and even Joshie has to admit they have some of the best packaging in the bicycle industry. Simple, creative and easy to organize in a counter display. Below is the 1 LED "Frog" light...

These are your standard wrapping lights with no hardware required. But the question is, where would a jogger wrap a light like this? Around their throat, slowly constricting their precious air passage?

Below is the 4 LED "Skink" (LITE5745) , the 1 LED "Frog" (LITE5707) and the 3 LED "Kardashian"(LITE5733). Knog being an Australian company, be prepared to exchange "Gayzzoleen" and other bobbles and trinkets instead of cash since we all know the entire continent's economy revolves around a post-apocalyptic bartering system (as seen in the documentary, "Road Warrior")...

(This post was supposed to be titled "Margin Walkers", but I didn't think anybody would appreciate the Fugazi reference.)

1 comment:

Mister Fahrenheit said...

"appreciate the Fugazi reference?"

Nubian, please. ROBOT FROM DC.