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Monday, February 08, 2010

RIP: Jean Claude Van Damme, You Shall Be Missed

JCVD ain't dead, but the title definitely got your attention. Congratulations, you just got played like a 10 dollar fiddle. But seriously, did you know JCVD was originally cast to play the alien in "Predator"? That's easily one of the greatest movies ever made, but if they'd stuck with JCVD, I'm pretty sure the universe would've collapsed at the sheer awesomeness of it all. Could you imagine the headlines? "Master Thespian Carl Weathers Co-Stars with Jean Claude Van Damme; Israel and Palestine Announce Permanent Cease Fire; Atlantis Rises From The Ocean" And just in case you needed some non-"Arrested Development" related Carl Weathers in your life, this should sufficiently creep you out:

In other Carl Weathers-related news, Joshie took his new kayak trailer for a spin with his pesky wife in tow. Joshie gave me the photographic evidence and I threw it up here for your viewing pleasure. We put a man on the moon. We scaled Everest. And now we can tow people around sitting in kayaks.

Ciao ciao!


brado1 said...

change is beautiful

thanks for that hit Carl Weathers


dwight yoakam said...

pure baker awesomeness

Spiritof76 said...

heh heh..Pesky.