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Friday, February 05, 2010

Rain In Blood

Well folks, mother nature has had one of her trademark bipolar freakouts and has decided to dump a few feet of rain on us spoiling any hopes of riding after work. Well, guess we could ride after work but water is painful and potentially refreshing so it must be avoided at all costs. According to local shamen, the rain should slacken off by tomorrow morning and then hopefully stay dry for the rest of the weekend.

(Denise Richards, X Games silver medalist, 2006)
The trails are completely submerged but anything with a high sand content could be ride-able by Sunday. Manchester State Forest for those desperate to ride their mountain bikes? Meh. It's Super Bowl weekend and The Blog has Super Bowl fever so it can't be bothered with bicycle-related stuff! AHHH!!! If you would like to ride mountain bikes in a race-styled manner, drive up to Charlotte for their mudfest of a short track series... Oh yeah, former Hawleymonger Jerm Edge hipped The Blog to the 12 Hours of Santos. It's coming up in a few weeks if you're itching to see where you stand fitness-wise. Maybe you'll see Bruce McCarthy there??? Maybe you won't!

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Billy Fehr said...

Rain, seriously?

wv: polo bimi