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Monday, October 26, 2009

Augusta Cyclocross: Painful

Joshie's Ibis sporting the new pink IRDs
This past Sunday, Hawlers Joshie, The Blog and Will G threw our hats into the Augusta cyclocross ring. For The Blog, it was the maiden cross voyage. For Will, it was a chance at CX3 redemption after a messy showing in Greenville. For Joshie, it was an opportunity to floss his new IRD pink cross tires in front of an adoring public. Joshie and I raced in CX4. The course was dry and the air was cool and crisp. Those were good signs. We hadn't been riding for the last 2 weeks and had been binging on Halloween candy. Those were bad signs. The race went well, relatively speaking. No wrecks for anybody, nobody threw up and Joshie didn't ride into the lake. Our buddy Dave Parrett, head of cycling stuff at Thomson raced with us and ended up making a fort out of pine cones and sticks. He was very creative and we're very proud of his efforts. In the CX3 race, Will G rolled a tire on his warm-up lap and then the rest was racing history! Will G put in a good effort and looked extra-classy in his skinsuit! On the ride home, I listened to Joshie and Jim harmonize old Hall and Oates tunes as I drifted to sleep. Roll those pointless pictures!

Pain face!

Will G on lap 3Lap 4 "encouragement"Look at the stack height on that Blue. ZOUNDS!The new Giant cross bike! Yawn.Will G creeps:Dave runs from his pine cone fort. It's haunted and filled with g-g-g-g-ghosts!Will G's flesh wound:


dwight yoakam said...

will tony and kyle spend more time on the ground during a bike event than actually riding a bike. maybe will didn't go down on this one, but he managed to still draw blood.

what are you kids eating 'round them parts?

dwight yoakam said...

and the ibis is rollin' dirty.

Emily said...

nice work guys. that Ibis is hot, no doubt.

Spankye said...

i've never been on a ride, or heard about a ride, where Will doesn't end up bloody. Nice to see D.P. reppin' the old kit.

Miss Jumper said...

Kenny is asking for a dollar in that pic, I know that stance.

Spiritof76 said...

I would just like to say this blog made me buy a set of IRD Crossmarks. I dont have the druthers to rock the Pepto Bismol pink ones. But the twin tone red and black looks pretty flash.

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Will G rolled a tire on his warm-up lap and then the rest was racing history!

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Those were bad signs. The race went well, relatively speaking.