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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Paris Mtn DH 2009.....The battle for Gnar continues

Even Lord Terak was so impressed with the pure gnar that he paused his flank on the hillside of Paris Mountain to watch a flurry of clean runs and clean decapitations at the second annual DH event. The course was muddy and the blood ran thick.

The opposing Ewoks who inhabit this area took the time to critisize the riders for their lack of modern technology. They are known for their arrogance and belittling comments.

One of the cleaner lines on the feared and heavily watched rock garden/turn. About 1 in 4 riders took a tumble here at least once. The ewok trip wire did not help.

While everyone else is trying to just get to the bottom of the course. Mike Mooney, of North Carolina, was shredding it up on a tall bike made of 3 different frames.

Big thanks to Glen Harston for the Fox DH kit. I didn't even race and got third place for loudest outfit on the course. Bling Bling!

After the race, the indigenous Ewoks, who have no currency, offered what they could, in gratitude for such an awesome show. This little one named "Sholo", offered me some awesome "schwag". I am currently training my new helper, whom I have lovingly named "Jeremy", to clean my home. He is currently in the A/C ducting and he knows that he will not be released until I can smell fresh air coming from the vents. "That's a good Lad.....now eat your vitals so I can give you your nightly ether."


brado1 said...

Thanks for coming out, and most of all Thanks to Hawley USA in sponsoring this event ! i was blown away by how much swag we ended up giving out.. you guys rock! Couldn't have done that without your company's help.


Mister Fahrenheit said...

In case you were wondering: this website is now the third hit on google when searching for Lord Terak.

Thought y'all should know.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...


Mister Fahrenheit said...

What's the difference between a robot and The Ghost of Jerry Reed?

The robot has no capacity to feel remorse after stabbing you in the face with an ice pick, that's what.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

Per your last comment, replace "face" with "butthole" and "ice pick" with "penis". Thanks folks, good night, you've been great!