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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Via Con Dios, Rojo E Idiota

There's an old saying in Jedi lore, it's something about the Force, the unwavering power of Love and how a light saber amputation instantly cauterizes itself. As Andy and Brittany waved goodbye yesterday, walking out of the Hawley offices forever, I fumbled for those Jedi words of wisdom, furiously paging through my brain's dusty volumes of pith but could only come up with a feeble, "Drive safely" and "Only call me if it's an emergency. Actually, don't call me, I'll call you. Do you have email? Nevermind." Before our dynamic duo could leave, one last round of Colin-baiting was to be had at a local eatery: A nasty little critter slathered in wasabi to ease Brittany back into civilian life. With a sigh of resignation, Colin agreed to the proposal and swallowed the confection with a degree of aplomb that can only be gained from being the subject of Andy abuse for over a year. Sadly, there are no pictures of Colin offroading us to the restaurant, drifting through water-soaked sand as I fought the urge to leap from his truck in addition to fighting the urge to soak my trousers. Egads, it was the white knuckle express. Anyhoo, Andy insisted on a last appearance on the blog so consider these pictures as "settling up our debts" so to speak.

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Miss Jumper said...

I'll miss you, two hots and a cot