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Monday, October 19, 2009

"Race Across The Sky"! Now With 80 Percent Less Icarus Mythologizing; TIRES!

Ahoy hoy cro-mags and jobless beatniks. Another Monday is here and that means it's time to "give the drummer some". In this case, the "drummer" is actually the pugnacious Rachel Kuuuh-uh-can't remember how to spell her last name of our beloved Palmetto Cycling Coalition! Anyhoo, Rachel sent me a link to the Leadville 100 movie, "Race Across The Sky". It's being simulcast nationwide in a few, select movie theaters for ONE NIGHT, OCTOBER 22nd at 8:00 PM (EST).

(Lookie, our friends in Queen City have ample opportunity for viewing pleasure!)

That means you must be at one of the participating theaters at 8:00 PM in order to watch because they ain't rebroadcasting this on freakin' TNT or VH1 a week from now. Even if you're not into the cinema, they have Butterfingers by the bushel! Now that's value. Speaking of value, we got in our first shipment of pink, blue and white IRD cyclocross tires! Just because they're cheap doesn't mean their not "high quality" with "great value". Featuring a burlier than usual tread, these tires would be better in the slop or sand (?).

(Snazzy new packaging with a skull and cross bones theme, just in time for "Bring a Pirate To Work" Day)To be honest, The Blog hasn't ridden these yet, but Joshie is buying a set of the pinkos so we'll be able to get a first hand riding account in a few days. They're cheaper than the white Fangos, so what's stopping you from callin' up Troy and ordering half a dozen? NOTHING!


RachaelK said...

Thanks for the plug, and I spell it Rach-a-e-l. No worries about the last name, it'll be Bronson before long.

Yeah right, he wishes.

Anonymous said...

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