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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Detective John Kimball presents: Fall for Greenville.

Good Job Detective Kimball, your kids are even misspelling words when they say them.
Thanks John, I know you are busy getting the lowest governor approval ratings for California in 50 years. That means alot. Here are a couple of other high members of society adding some flare to Greenville's street festival/rave/public torture/opium den.

I did the classic "Oh, look at that building. I'll hold the camera like that is what I am taking a picture of but tilt the camera towards you to capture one of the best Kentucky Waterfalls I have seen in hours."

The Navy was out doing some public torture demonstrations. This poor man was blindfolded and told that whenever he stopped doing pullups, he would be airlifted immediately to a Matchbox 20 concert. Some people have no limit to their darkness.

Nothing to see here. And no, there was no event or reason to wear that.

Best for last. Have you ever seen such a mountain crushing combination?! Take a deep-sea fishing shirt and combine it with a grade 8, mach 3.5, carbon half-life, "ape drape"/"neck blanket"/"spinx". You can turn beaches to glass by merely uttering "Gentlemen, start your engines."

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