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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pisgah Stage Race

Jeepers creepers! The Blog almost forgot about the Pisgah Stage Race which gets started tomorrow. With all the rain this week, the trails should be extra-treacherous. Let's hope former Hawley whizkid Jeremy has thrown on a new set of Prowler SLs (TIRE7915 for those of you following along in your online catalog) for the impending slip n' slide. Scanning the registered riders list, it appears the Southern Dandy has only two other riders in his category: Peter Butt from Perth, Australia and Jeff Zimmerman from Holly, Michigan. According to an exhaustive Google search, Peter Butt likes to spend his free time being born in 1954. He is a film maker whose last work, "The Prime Minister Is Missing" chronicles Harold Holt's sudden disappearance during the Vietnam War. Interesting.

(Teenwolf's Orbea decorated by Andy and Brittany)According to Google, Jeff Zimmerman got 15th in the expert class of the 2007 Ice Man Cometh. Not sure what that means to you, but to a ravenous race animal like Jerm, that's the equivalent of a three legged caribou covered in gravy hobbling past a group of timberwolves with an "eat me" sign taped to his backside. Here's a little video of Jeremish Bishop and Sam Koerber spieling (to borrow a Mike Watt-ism) about the Pisgah Stage Race...

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