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Friday, October 09, 2009

A Brief Reminder....

Treeshaker 12 Hour is in horrible, er beautiful (?) Fort Mill, SC tomorrow morning. The weather looks like it could turn crappy so come out and heckle the "mud people" riding around in circles. Also come by and hob nob with Hawley glitterati and some riff-raff from Cane Creek and a few others who are of little to no importance. There won't be schawg but there may be hamburgers and root beer! The big question is, will Colin Tice represent the Hawley inside sales department and register at the least second or sit in his cold, lonely, feculent apartment all weekend watching Schwarzenegger movies???

Andy Hale, knee-deep in East Coast demo madness with Smokey Mountain Red sent The Blog this blurry snapshot of the new Thomson colored stem faceplates. They look snazzy Andy! By they way, could you send a picture that isn't blurry for once???


1 comment:

Spiritof76 said...

I hope if I ever have a daughter she isn't abducted by a grotesque Freddie Mercury impersonator commando in chain mail. I also hope she doesnt look anything like alyssa milano.