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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

"It puts the Troy in the box."

Yeah, Troy, you know what time it is....It's time to get in a box.

Step 1: You put a Troy in a box

Step 2: You ask him if likes the box

Step 3: You watch him talk in circles in the Box....

Now, not being one to be outdone, Tony "oolaak (Mayan for "almost")" Zanca had to see if he could fit in the glass cube of enlightenment. Little did he he know, his trials had only just begun....

I ran outside and caught the first baby Black Mamba I could find. Good thing I had my polo helmet on in case of a head strike.
Knowing how much the Canis Adolesentus fears venomous snakes, I tossed it in and let the fireworks begin. Now dont be fooled. He is not laughing in the picture. He is showing his teeth in fear. The strain on his hummingbird heart was too much. He had a nervous breakdown right there on the floor, with Michael still blowing mouthfuls of smoke from his opium pipe.

I finally wrestled him out of his "woom ub scawy phings" and we lobotomized him. He now sits at his desk and stares at an image of Chuck Norris or "My Heeeewoooo" in his slurred speech. Rest easy Sweet Zanca. Soon you will be back to normal. You'll be processing web orders and doing your "one-handed clap" trick in no time.

During is recovery, he will be riding this sweet little budget ride from Workman Cycles. The low seat and coaster brake should make this marginally operable for Zanca during recovery.

Tim "Action" Welborn had a special message for Tony to inspire him:
"meow, meow-meow, meow meow meows' meow meow..........meow!!!"
Thank you Tim, you know how to cut me to the core. By the way, that jersey rocks!!

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