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Friday, October 02, 2009

"I said sram, be it! Get outta here!"

Thank the maker it's Friday! On the ride into work this morning, The Blog found its cassette copy of New Order's "Low Life" and decided that it really isn't that bad and has a few hidden gems on it besides the "Love Vigilantes" tune which is played out as far as all things New Order go. Although we don't distribute cassette tape rock, we distribute the parts that have been imbued with cassette tape rock properties and as was alluded to yesterday, that would include the new Sram XX group.

(Machined goodness. The cassette is the baby, numba one stunna of this group)

Wind of it travelled to the graphics department and Joshie was soon admiring the new bits. What can I say, they're beyond awesome and when my knees finally give out from single speeding, it might be time to invest in the Rolls Royce of geared grouping. Also, Joshie was caught admiring some sales office baby shower madness later that day in honor of Mr and Mrs D-Rod. What can you do? That bespectacled fella is everywhere!

The New World Order in dollar bill form:The New Order in audio form: