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Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Non-Double Down Post

Thursday is usually the slowest day in the Hawley offices. Steve's favorite animal is the three-toed sloth and demands his employees pay tribute to its uh, slothfulness. "Quit typing so fast!" "You there, walk like you're moving in slow motion!" "Jiminy Crickets! For the love of sloth, will you please slow dowwwwnnnn!" are often heard ringing through the hall ways. To prepare for this day, we try and do activities that require some sort of "fast movement" the night before. In our case last night, it was a solid 45 minutes of cyclocross practice at Joshie's crib. Joshie lives in the middle of nowhere on several acres of sandy grass so it makes a great spot to work on our cross skills.

Joshie negotiates bamboo barrier number 1:
And easily over number 2:
Pink Lizard Skins handlebar tape, the new hotness for October (HDTP1607 for those of you playing along in our online/print catalog):

The Blog is still having issues managing barriers and sure enough, an arm muscle was strained on a botched barrier attempt. I really need to remember to get some stretching in before these masochism sessions. Perhaps we'll have better luck at this weekend's Treeshaker 12 hour race. Maybe not! Former Hawley stooge Brandon Caskey is flying in from Tahoe after setting the west coast single speed scene on fire this year. Should be interesting to see how he copes with things like roots,moisture and CHUDs. Oh man, my arm sure does hurt!!!! So yeah, Julie sent me a link to one of the better websites out there devoted to food and those who push its limits. All that talk of the DOUBLE DOWN must've stirred something within her. Perhaps some of these wonderful dishes will stir something in you, other than abject disgust for all things food-related...



Billy Fehr said...

seriously, St. Lissa exclaimed, "Now that's funny!" I concur.....

dwight yoakam said...

i think i clogged a few arteries just looking at that site. that hotdog should be called the junior/senior.