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Friday, April 30, 2010

Burrito Night Success, Fail

Thursday night, the Schwinn cruisers were freed from their holding pens and the local burrito establishments were alerted to our imminent arrival. We came in force this time with numbers anywhere between ten and one thousand. There's a scene from a Simpsons episode where I think a rampaging horde of Homer clones sweeps through a cornfield and devour everything, including the lower half of farmer Gil's torso leaving behind a skeleton. Well, that pretty much sums up last night's burrito festivities. Complete domination. A murderous horde rampaging thorugh the streets similar to Manny Fraker's gang in "Death Wish 3" but with more murderous explosions but less whimsy. On the ride back, Josh outsprinted everybody up the Cypress Street hill in a Cavendish display of power (including the rude hand gesture). He destroyed his chain which is odd because 30 seconds before it happened, The blog could be heard chiding him, "If you keep hammering like that, you're going to break your chain!" As sure as the sun rises, Joshie will break cruiser chains. It is written, in stone, with a laser.... from the future. Remember folks, the company that burritos together stays together. Have a frank and productive weekend. That is all.

Conversational pariah Patrick Augustine....

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