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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nantucket Basquiat, Part Deux

Well, Bloggie, you make some very interesting points. I certainly don't want Old Man Peterson to shred my happy new family of kittens, but allow me to retort.

Let's move this scenario a little closer to a large body of water. Perhaps you are riding along your favorite coastal battery with your new litter of kitties. Of course, they wouldn't know because they are sealed away, not allowed to enjoy the beauty and fresh ocean breeze of your coastal jaunt thanks to your lid equipped prison basket. As you gaze out into the calming surroundings, enjoying your cruise, you are unaware of the inhumanity you are about to commit. Suddenly, a perilous pelican, who oddly enough looks like Old Man Peterson himself, swoops by heading out to sea. Instinctively you swerve away from the winged creature, but only to have your bike roll through the battery barrier, as it is the only spot that is under construction for miles and does not currently have a railing but merely "caution tape."


Oh the humanity. Your poor, poor litter of kittens locked away in a basket cage, sink to their lidded abyss, unable to escape and you are left, floating in the cold ocean of anguish and despair.

now dear gentle reader, the blog does not deserve such an unrelenting rant as well, but please lets not cage items in a basket. kittens and small goods deserve to be free and enjoy the open air. Please people, let's show this Blog Ostrogoth basket lids are dangerous and open baskets are the safer, nay, the humane choice when it comes to cruiser accessorizing. Meow.


dwight yoakam said...

well bloggie, that seems to be a pretty well founded retort . . .

VW: ingesses - present tense of one ingesting at a high rate of speed

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

It's mentally retorted.