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Thursday, April 01, 2010

"Total Eclipse Of The Heart" Flowchart

Have trouble remembering the lyrics/stanza form of "Total Eclipse Of The Heart"? Perhaps this will be of some service (courtesy of Hawley's administrative assistant). Good to see they got the Croon/Belt placement spot on. Gotta get this thing laminated and duct taped in the shower asap. For some reason, I always get hung up on "tired of listening to the sound of my tears", panic and end up on the chorus prematurely...

In other news, Colin and Michael play a particularly inspired yet destructive game of warehouse Jenga with empty 1181 helmet boxes. "Construct it to the heavens! Curse your oily hide, I want it higher, higher!!! I want it blotting out the SUN!!!!" was heard echoing throughout the shipping department.

1 comment:

Miss Jumper said...

YES. My life is complete. Thank you.