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Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world!"

Rachael at Palmetto Cycling Coalition sent word about this a while back, but it's only now that The Blog has gotten around to posting it. Sorry about that RK Rolling! Anyhoo, The Nickelodeon, Columbia's only theater for movies that don't involve blue bug-eyed weirdos in 3d or 1980's horror movie villains that weren't particularly menacing in the first place but are resuscitated for a demograph who weren't even born when these movies were in theaters which in turn makes The Blog feel a million years old (otherwise known as 1.5 Brantleys) is showing not one but TWO cycling related films this coming Sunday. "Contested Streets" examines NYC before automobiles and the possibilities of street reclamation while "Beauty and The Bike" examines why British girls stop cycling and its larger ramifications for transportation and cycling in general. The documentaries start at 2 PM sharp. Free bike valet and some giveaways will entice you inside while a post-screening panel discussion will keep you around. The Blog is still in negotiations with Rachael about my "seat post combat Octagon Of Death featuring Michael Bronson" exhibition in the Nickelodeon's parking lot. Details to follow... In a part related heads up, Gran Compe hubs have started trickling into the warehouse. As Brian pointed out, not the thickest flange, but buttery smooth bearings and relatively light weight. A little bevel on the edge of the flange takes unnecessary tension off your j bend spoke. Proper. The "blue" listed in the catalog is actually closer to a "aqua" or "turquoise". Oh wait, this is veering towards freaking "Avatar" isn't it? Isn't it?!?!Fresh ole bevel....

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