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Monday, April 12, 2010

Double Downer: Profiles in Courage

(NBC's "Manimal", now in High Definition, after "The Office")
There's nothing to write about today people. Absolutely, positively nothing. I had a quaint little tale of an encounter with a Copperhead while riding the beloved Jaqcues Lobster on the Palmetto Trail (long story short: mistook aforementioned Copperhead for stick and almost ran over it. Doubled back to examine the Copperhead and then suddenly remembered how deathly afraid I am of Copperheads and almost soiled my already sweat-soiled bibs with something a little more density, a little more colonular) but that is inconsequential. It matters not one wit.

Hawley carrying the new Pake six speed urban cruisers? Trifling, banal, jejune, frivolous (well actually, it's quite awesome as Pake has basically taken the Copenhagen-styled city bike and given it a few North American tweaks to make it street ready in American climes like Birmingham Alabama, Newark New Jersey, Stockton California and the always glamorous Batavia, NY for those sophisticates who must pedal in their latest tweed finery or seersucker ensemble).

What about the fact that at 1 in the morning, I received one of the strangest interrogative text messages ever written (And yes, I think WE all know the show was "Barney Miller" but why would The Rudeness ask such a question and why would The Blog be friends with somebody called The Rudeness and why does The Blog own what appears to be the first cell phone ever made?). Poppycock!

None of this matters because KFC unleashed the Double Down from its titanium, King Kong-like restraints upon a suspecting if not wary public. Josh and Chris Maret have promised to buy one with the Blog tomorrow. We shall consume them for lunch and ride the cosmic dream rainbow to lands and worlds only dreamed about... in song. Crank up the Floyd. Free laserium!


Magnum said...

Bro. It's clearly time for a new phone.

WV: carking

dwight yoakam said...

if you get a new phone, i want that one.

ipaq said...