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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Grim Portents of Impending Stomach Death

During the winter, you may remember elevated internet-chatter levels of a rumored KFC creation called the Double Down. After consultations and several high level meetings with their legal staff, KFC have "doubled down" on the Double Down, have gone "all in" so to speak in the "world's worst idea" sweepstakes and are introducing this abomination to the entire nation. There's no turning back now, as of April 12th, the Colonel shall have his revenge upon us all, from beyond the grave... By the way, Cane Creek is offering up single Interlok headset spacers (2.5mm, 5mm, 10mm) in all their colorful glory for those of you needing that extra touch of "custom". These work with the patented (?) Interloks or non-interloks just in case you were wonderin'...


Miss Jumper said...


Anonymous S Fla sales rep said...

Why would you want that when the McRib is back?

Big Bikes said...

I'm pretty sure eating the Cane Creek interlok spacers would cause far less gastrointestinal armageddon than consuming that KFC creation.