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Friday, April 16, 2010

First Burrito Ride of 2010; Pake Urban Cruiser Sighting

Hawley makes first burrito ride for year of 2010. There was much happy time on bicycle last night. For the having of beer and food with then the bluegrass musicing. The riding was enjoy and many smiles make for faces! Front gauntlet keeper Marcie, new purchaser Patrick Augustine and Karen make the debut on Burrito Ride. They do well! Weekend have much leisure! Yes? Yes?

Kelly riding the new Pake Urban Cruiser (BIKE2001) WITH Nantucket Basket Company "frontspiece". This is tha chronic! Fender integrated rear reflector is nothing short of the best thing in the cycling world for 2010.
Michael's uber-impressive trackstand on his Pugsley (yawn!!!!)


Anonymous said...

Musta had the wide angle lens on there last night...

Mister Fahrenheit said...

O burrito ride, how I miss you. Mayhap one fine Thursday evening I'll find myself in Rosewood with a beat-up Schwinn cruiser, a pocket full of two-dollar bills, and a light-up frisbee awaiting liftoff...

I can only dream.