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Friday, April 09, 2010

You'll Rue The Day You Missed Paris Roubaix

Thank the maker it's Friday. Last night's thunderstorms blew through "with tha quickness" (to borrow a snippet from the local vernacular) so hopefully the local trails aren't destroyed as The Blog has a hankering to ride some dirt on his new tubeless American Classic 29er wheels. Although with the slew of bogs littering the trails last weekend, one can only assume the worse for the trails after last night's rain. A road/dirt road ride may be in order? Or should those plans be chucked instead for "steady lounging" followed by "cold chillin" and a little Paris Roubaix viewing? Oh yes, the mother of all Classics is this Sunday and the smart money is on either Cancellara or Boonen. Boonen will be hungry for redemption (to steal a Versus tagline), but unless Cancellara's energon cube reserve is depleted or what's left of his human heart in his cyborg body suddenly has a Schwarzenegger like moment of clarity and quits the race in order to protect a teenage John Connors from a cyborg sent from the future, there is no way the Swiss Miss can lose. Here are some Paris Roubaix moving images with infernal rackets to dazzle the eyes and befuddle the mind. You have been warned:

Paris Roubaix 1981
Uploaded by blogdenikkos. -

Paris-Roubaix 1972
Uploaded by blogdenikkos. -

Here's a taste of some of the most explosive, manic, finger-cramping, mind-altering accordion playing you've ever heard...

Paris Roubaix à fond la caisse accordéon
Uploaded by aandre_danyel. -

paris roubaix
Uploaded by ralkoff. -


Magnum said...

Go Boonen

WV: ditaxi

Billy Fehr said...

Ciao Bella!