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Monday, May 11, 2009

2009 Stump Jump Pictures

Saturday was the 12th installment of the Stump Jump in Spartanburg. Hot temps and lots of mud kept the race interesting, although not as interesting as Dirt, Sweat and Gears! It was nice to meet riders who are sponsored by a lot of local shops who have accounts with Hawley. Cycles De Oro had an especially visible contigent! They're located in North Carolina, not Spain you ninny. The best part of the race was hearing Joshie's cowbell and Kelly's casual swearing in the woods, guiding The Blog through the treacherous bog! And yes, The Blog let a few pejoratives loose as well!

The Blog rounds the last turn in the "Crazy Person" Race. Joshie gives encouragement whilst standing in a patch of poison ivy. Now that's crazy!


spokejunky said...

Big K-Tel has the lightest bike of the day.

dwight yoakam said...

what? no pictures of the blog racing? come on!

brado1 said...

mind if i use a couple of your fine photos for the UpstateSORBA website?