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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

ALERT:Hawley Bike To Work Day, MAY 12th!!!

Chuck Creech works with the Hawley crew as our cycling advocate, community liaison and "Hey, we need more representation for bike ridin' 'round here" spokesperson. For example, "Free Campy Super Record Crankset Day" was Chuck's idea. "Briefcase Full of Cash, No Questions Asked Day"? Chuck's brainchild. It seems lightning has struck yet again as Chuck has arranged a HUGE Bike To Work ride this coming Tuesday (May 12th) from the parking lot of the downtown Bi-Lo in Lexington in conjunction with Steve Hawley's 50th Birthday, 50th bike ride into work. The big boss man wants at least 50 Hawley employees turning the pedals into work on the 12th so for any employees not planning to do this ride, a pox on your family. This ride is for everybody, not just Hawley employees so if you'd like to participate, show up with your bike and helmet (clothing optional) for the 8:30 ride. Local shops who deal with us, feel free to show up and mix it up in the peloton. Lexington mayor Randy Halfacre is joining us and possibly governor Mark Sanford. Perhaps the Blog will have the gubernatorial ear for discussions of grave import (perhaps a statewide Briefcase Full of Cash Day?). MAY 12th PEOPLE! MAY 12th PEOPLE!!!!

1 comment:

Bill Howard said...

Nice job Chuck! Looks like a fun ride. I'll try to be with you guys on the 12.

Happy Birthday Steve!