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Friday, May 08, 2009

Bike To Work With Hawley Folk, A Reminder

May 12th! May 12th! May 12th! Swap paint with the Big Boss Man himself and a collection of local bicycle distribution celebrities like Scott, from shipping, and the guy I see around whose name escapes me for the moment but he's pretty nice and I think he rides in every now and then and one would assume he'll be at the downtown Lexington Bi-Lo next Tuesday morning with the rest of us because he doesn't have a key to get into the offices so where else is he going to go unless he's a cat burglar and can pick locks but does anybody even have that skill anymore or is it only for movies about a plucky newspaper reporter who stumbles onto some big conspiracy to kill the president so he or she enlists the help of a reformed criminal to break into some senator's office to procure important documents. What? So yeah, a gentle reminder that NEXT TUESDAY is your chance to ride with a bunch of like-minded folk and get a police escort! Take that Gene Hackman!!!

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