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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eleven 81 And You: Creating A Better Tomorrow

This post is a few weeks late, but Andy (Storckophile, candy man-child) noticed that Team Mountain Khakis was rocking Eleven 81 stems and seatposts at the Speed Week crits. Not only rocking them Ronnie James Dio style, but winning on them, repeatedly! Who knew? After hearing of their success, Dave Carson stroked his mustache and laughed maniacally. While caressing a globe on his desktop entitled "Eleven 81 Domination" he screamed, "Yes my pretties! It's allll coming together! Soon, soon Bloggy! Now, prepare the hydrofoil and ready my katana blade. There are scores to settle, ancient scores that you couldn't possibly understand!" In addition to Team Mountain Khakis, Richmond Pro Cycling had its riders on Eleven 81 stems. Great minds think alike...


spokejunky said...

Now is the manufacturer of the frames pronounced...Kazayne or Kazanee? Inquiring minds.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

i would opt for the 3 syllable pronunciation judging by the kanji on the top tube. you're welcome brian. by the way, one of your low country velo friends raced against me in spartanburg. nice fellow!

spokejunky said...

That would be B-radiculous or B-rad for short or just B. He built the Foster Creek section of Marrington Plantation. Now he's not allowed to ride it. Great guys those Navy types.