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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hawley Bike To Work Day: Part 2, More Photographic Evidence

More pics from Hawley's Bike To Work Day:

Judy, what's the basket for? "It's for collecting the remains of your spindly legs off the road when I totally dominate you on the first climb!!!"

Matt's outstanding warrants finally catch up with him:

Awww yeah, full lane!!!
Dump Truck, the scourge of bicycle commuters!

Don't look behind you Justin because Troy is in mid-freakout:
Tony Wagster wins... more than he bargained for:
(from left to right: Chuck "Cyborganizer" Creech, Steve "Hawley Company" Hawley, The Right Honorable Bike To Nature Mystery Rider, Big Time Is the $, Marky Mark:Rageaholic, Lil' Miss Tour De Cure, Professor Joey The-Multiple-Order-Maker, Sweet Harold The Sweetest Builder Around, Tim "I Have The Metabolism Of A Hummingbird" Malson, Aaron "Eating Schnauzer Meat Is Murder" Emmanuel, Andre The Giant The Original B-Boy, J-Town, King Edward The Royal Usurper, Chris "Romulan Cloaking Device" Merritt, Mega-Happy Face Scott, Ian "Creepstache" Foyster, Jose and His Magic Wonderbelly, Dangerous Dusty Of Red Bank, Matt "Raised By Armenian Circus Folk and Educated On the Mean Streets of Newark" Church, Twinkletoes Mary The Receiver, Colin "I Have Done Unspeakable Things" Tice, Judy TWO!!!, Jo "Jo An" An, Carmen At Work, "Mr. Indecision" Troy Wailin', Old Hickory, Jerry's Kids, Cindy "Tony Zanca Is Off To a Bad Start" Thompson, Sparky "Jo An's Hubby" Douglas, Jan "The Hawley Comany" Hawley, Lookin' Away From The Camera Tony The Always Obscured, Rage Against Mr. Clean, Zack and Megan "Wonder Twin Powers Activate" Hawley, Rachel The Telekinetic Cycling Advocate Who Came To Earth One Stormy Night, Tony Wagster and His Three Ring Flea Circus, Joshie McSweat-Sweat, D-Rodicus Maximus, Wacky Willy Wonder The Tazer Amazer, The Duchess Of Miranda Rights, Kenny "I Sat On Something Unpleasant" Klatte, Simon and Simon the Harmonizing Police Officers)


azanca02 said...

Man Josh is really creepin in that third picture!

spokejunky said...

Who is mutt and chops on the green meany speedy?

Philip said...

Great collection of bikes, and characters......I want to come work for you company !!!!!!

Spiritof76 said...

Love bicycle advocacy. Hate that picture of me.

Spiritof76 said...

I am the muttonchops on the green meany speedee.

Charles Creech said...

Just when you thought Lexington was safe for democracy these rabbel-rousers, in funny trousers, roll into town. Quick, make the kids go inside!