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Monday, May 18, 2009

Complete Cleat Defeat, Sweet! Meet & Greet The Storck Fleet

The Blog raced a metric mtb century put on by the good folk at SORBA this past Saturday. Lovely weather (except for the rainstorm on Modoc trail) and an even lovelier bunch of people made the "First Annual Sumter Metric Century" (what a name!) a smashing success. The only thing better than the post-race potato salad/baked bean gorge-fest was the pre-race meeting of several racers who were flying the colors of some of Hawley's favorite shops. It's always good to go to a local race, press the flesh and pick the brains of potential customers, to hear what they like, to hear what they don't like and then to ignore that and only consider what they like (just kidding!). Oh yes, I almost forgot! Remember to check your cleats before a race. Make sure everything is good and tight! If you don't, you could find yourself riding 40 miles with only one functional shoe that is guaranteed to change your pedal stroke in addtion to making slick, rooty descents quite dangerous! But hey, that's why the Kassites invented duct tape. Look it up.

The Blog wasted 8-10 minutes trail side looking for its missing cleat when a passing rider said "Hey, your cleat is in your pedal!" Thank you kind sir! Also wasted time taking pictures of it. Then wasted another 30 seconds screaming obscenities. It felt good.

Duct tape to keep the soles safe from the pedals. The tape lasted about 10 minutes!

One more note of interest to the roadie crowd! Good chums Clemmons Bicycle (probably located in Clemmons, NC) is having a Storck demo round 4:00 PM this coming Wednesday. Go meet Andy Hale and Smokey Mountain Red (Brittany Hale), then ride one of the lightest and stiffest road bikes in the world! "Lost" is done for the season so what else do you have to do other than witness a Storck-icle and get the latest Hawley gossip from Brittany. If she tells you the Blog ate a 4 day old pizza crust out of the trash, don't believe her. She lies through her teeth! (image borrowed from Bike Rumor, the best place for gossip, Brittany)

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