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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Text O'Fender; Gabe Pride Parade

The Blog was supposed to ride in this morning but it was raining and quite messy on the mean streets of Columbia. People ride everyday in the rain so what's the big deal (Portland, Seattle, Kauai)? To be honest, there isn't a big deal but the motivation was lacking, similar to the the slack-jawed army private in World War I whose sergeant instructs him to charge through shin-deep mud, corpses and barbed wire and and take out a heavily fortified machine gun nest 500 yards away. "If the machine guns don't tear ya from limb to limb, then the mustard gas will burn ya insides to a crisp! And if that don't kill ya, then there's always the CHUDs!" So with the same amount of can-do spirit your typical trench rat possessed at the Hindenburg Line, The Blog came up with the feeble "I forgot to put on a decent set of fenders last night" excuse and left the Rock Lobster behind. But if I had to use fenders then I'd probably use these bad boy(z) since I don't have any eyelets:

In other exciting office news, today is Gabe's (inside sales) 24th birthday. What do you get the man who has everything? Colin figured out that little riddle...

This will be the gift that keeps on giving...

1 comment:

Spiritof76 said...

A fine gift.. I wonder if someone will get me one like it for my birthday?