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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Old Dirty Basket

This morning's post is a hodge podge, a Sanford and Son's junk sale crammed down a horn of plenty constructed out of the flotsam and jetsam culled from the blogosphere and parts unknown! Huzzah good sir!

Firstly, here is a pointless article about gardening ON your bicycle: En Gard!

Secondly, Eleven 81 baskets. They're cheap, they're indestructible and they're about as punk as you can get without donning a flannel and changing your name to Mike Watt. Eleven 81 Basquiats out next Spring just as soon as Dave C. can resurrect his corpse. Great Odin's raven!

Thirdly, here is a product that we shall never carry (seen on Gwadzilla), unless Furious George is buying it: Sushi and The Banshees

Fourthly, Sandy had a so-so morning today so everybody be extra nice to her or I'll scald you with something. Perhaps spray some Halt in your face, next to the copier machine... at 1:15 PM... Tony.

Fifthly, the second installment from "Breakdancing:Mr Fresh and The Supreme Rockers Show You How To Do It". Today's lesson, "the Wave" followed by its variant, "The Post-race Kyle"
Sixthly, Smokey Mountain Red is updating the Storck World Tour blog once again so go over there and look at all the smiling, happy people: Storck Babies


KB said...

i almost just peed myself - kyle loves to puke, doesn't he?! i like the shout out to richard simmons - "WHERE'S MAMA?"

dwight yoakam said...

i'd be careful poking around on coroflot . . . you may just run across some peeps that you know. damn designers.

kyle can't hold anything in.

Ice-T said...

My thanks to the blog for including my image of the time trial t-rex on the basket. If anyone can find a creature more suited to time trial, i invite the challenge