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Monday, May 11, 2009

"The State" Newspaper Features Steve Hawley Yet Inexplicably Refuses To Print "Snuffy Smith"

How can you not laugh at this? It's comic gold!!!
Seriously people, how expensive can "Snuffy Smith" be? All The Blog wants is five days of "Snuffy Smith" hilarity (featuring Barney Google) and perhaps more articles about cats. Until that happens, here is a lovely piece spotlighting El Hefe and The Hawley Company's Bike To Work efforts. For any locals who can't join us tomorrow, there are additional opportunites for group rides to work later this week thanks to the kind folk at Bike Friendly Columbia!


spokejunky said...

Bagel sprint points? I'm so in.

Philip said...

Bagel sprint points now there is a novel idea, I wonder if it would catch on in England. Can you explain the rules?

spokejunky said...

Well, depending on the route and the amount of bakeries I guess it would be like Monty Python's marathon for the incontinent. Wait for it..it's on 1:20 .