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Friday, September 18, 2009

"All Hale Is Gonna Break Loose!"

A brief glimpse into the mind of Andy Hale. Smokey Mountain Red slipped me this telltale scrap from Andy's desk. Upon it, he has calculated future bicycle part purchases. Even though 200 dollars for a Fizik saddle is disturbing, Andy's self portrait gives us the heebie jeebies. It's got the tell-tale faux hawk and the mullet at a jaunty angle. The sad clown frown and soul patch are also super-weird. The "can't save" is almost a cry for help. Of course you can't save And-tron, you're piddling your savings away in hair gel and candy corn! "It's time to grow up young man", Brittany's words, not mine. Speaking of words, The Blog noticed Jen X in the pages of that nefarious scandal rag, "Bicycling". Full page spread is tight like Betty White!

Speaking of tight, here is a little Carolina Panthers insanity from Eric at Cane Creek via The Blog's friend Herbanero. My brain... it just did a somersault of incomprehension. It has nothing to do with bikes yet at the same time, it has EVERYTHING to do with bikes!!!

Late edit: Interesting and thankfully short article on some tubular cross tires. We don't carry Dugast but have Challenge and Tufo on board: TIRED

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