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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Jose: Super-Stud for Hire; Interesting Trades Considered

Whoops, that title was supposed to read "Super-Spud", an allusion to Jose's birthtown of Boise, ID. But as it usually goes with life, it is too late to change the past. Quit livin' in the past man. CONTEMPORIZE! Anyhoo, Jose was a test subject for some new soft boxes and The Blog must admit, they've transmogrified our beloved inside-international sales guru from a hapless, flea-infested bridge troll into a grade-A piece of Richard Gere-styled eye candy. To quote Jose, "Jonas Brothers? Statler Brothers? Brothers Karamazov? It don't matter. They can't hold a candle!" Indeed Jose, you are the very picture of pulchritude. His Vassago is looking pretty trick nowadays too, but it's no JOSE! JOSE!!!!!!!! (and I'm spent)...

Pretty Boy:

Pretty boy's sled:
Pretty Boy Spud:

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