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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sadly, This Week Starts With No News About The Double Down

Ahoy hoy mortals, it is I, The Blog! How is this Monday treating you as you scurry around like ants while I sit here upon my celestial cycling throne wondering what death, hangovers and uncomfortable silences feel like. It ain't easy bloggin' when you've got Highlander responsibilities in addition to the usual "mortal", non-decapitating responsibilities like entering all the new Craft HOODIES into Onesource so they'll show up in our catalog in 3 months and then your local bike shop, perhaps Chuck's Bike O Rama, and then you can call up Michael Bronson and order like, I dunno, fifty of them and drive the price of Craft stock up 900 percent.

Casual hoodies are the new black for 2010. Jump on the trend! Speaking of Highlanders, here is a picture of a top tube with Scott Stapp's face on it. "What a sec, he's no Highlander!" you're screaming at your screen right now through mouthfuls of Combos and Cheerwine! Ah au contraire mon frere. It appears Mr. Stapp attended Orlando's Lake Highland Preparatory School! Serendipity!

Anyhoo, the office is pretty quiet today as most of the flotsam and jetsam is at Interbike prepping for the insanity. A few stragglers have stayed behind to water the mules and flog the orphans, but all in all, an unusually quiet day at Hawley Manor... but how long may the peace last?

1 comment:

Miss Jumper said...

Ooo, I got a Stapp infection and the only cure is more Creed.