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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spoils of Gnar

My apologies to the country, no...world, for not having anything for you to indulge all of the 6 senses yesterday. I was completely involved in fabricating Kenny "Cat-man cruthers" Klatte's new integrated seat post and saddle. It was a true task getting the lines right so as not to cause a break in the aesthetic flow that is the blog's ride which happens to be "plum crazy" purple. Head out to the prototype room with me and we shall see the upgrades.....

Well slap me side saddle. What an organic look!! Made of the finest white pine, sourced from the shelving under isle "S" and sculpted with the finest cardboard money didn't have to buy. Sure to last and super supple. You're welcome!!!

Sculpting the saddle was no easy task. After days of deciphering the blog's slightly sideways canter, much like that of a schnauzer, I managed to find the perfect mix of comfort and style, while still maintaining the sleek lines of a racer's saddle. I will begin taking orders this week. Please note: fabrication time can take over 6 minutes. 115% deposit required.

Speaking of well crafted components, Jim "stumpy limbs" Snyder hooked me up with some uber- sweet Straightline Pedals. The Gnar was reduced to rubble with SPD like grip to the pedals.

Speaking of Straightline, the stems are buck nasty as well. The wedge clamping system is super clean and looks jam up and jelly tight with me red accents.

Now back to the program. Check this guy's custom kite that I spotted just before sundown at the beach. I wonder why he waited until everyone went in for the day. I would have engaged the hyper drive on this hog around noon. You would need Darth Maul's two ended light saber to fight off the ladies. I can only imagine the convo going on right now:

"yes, I know your parents want to to stay until Saturday. I just really need to get back to Rock Hill for the last class at Books-a-Million so I can get my Jedi certificate. Yes I know I am 32 .........but ......you sai........we talked abou ........FINE! But I get to wear my light saber to Capt. Pete's Seafood .............but ......owww! Will you at least carry it in your purse? I love you .......I do .....I'll dress up as a Jawa later .......I love you......"

Here is a little pre-lunch appetizer for all you with gurgling tummies. I scored this little post Gnar smorgasbord at the HWY 11 Pit stop. Boiled peanuts, apple butter, gold-n-chez, and Arizona orange and grape aid. Fit for a King!!!!!!!


Papa Wheelie said...

I am assuming that the R&D that went into that saddle disproved the theories of cutaways and holes providing relief to the 'nether' region. Either that or... ...nevermind.

colin said...