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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sunday Ride: Dupont State Forest

Well, The Blog was supposed to meet up with Hawley brohams Jerm and Jose for a group ride extravaganza, but I ended up at the wrong access point, my cell phone was on the fritz and my patience was running thin. With a shrug of the shoulders, my journey started from Corn Mill Shoals (not to be confused with Cornback Rattler Shoals) and went along the ole Twixt trail, Longside Trail up towards Big Rock.

Armoring up Big Rock:
Towards the top of Big Rock:
Hiking up Burnt Mountain:A one dab ascent up Big Rock led to the Cedar Rock/Big Rock pinnacle. After a quick breath, it was down Cedar Rock and then alongside the river. Since my ride was already 50 percent ruined because of my mental state, I went for broke and hiked UP dark mountain. The armoring job done by Upstate SORBA is su-poiyb! Lots of big heavy rocks and lovely logs dug into the soft earth protecting the fragile trail from erosion. I dinged my bell every 45 seconds to keep any possible downhill gnar enthusiasts from running me down like so many hapless beggars in Coventry Garden. Upon summiting Burnt Mountain, I hopped back upon my loyal Kona and after 20 yards of pedaling, I was dumped unceremoniously upon my rear wheel. A quick buzz to the nether regions and I was in trouble. My beloved post had cracked in half! Zounds! S'blood!!! What to do now? Well, morale was at its lowest not since I was denied entry into the Great International Zeppelin and Aeronaut Convention (lack of mustache wax) or the Gathering of the Juggalos Part Ten (lack of clown face paint and too much mustache wax)! I sighed a sigh of defeat and hopped back on my newly minted trials bike and road back to the parking lot. Happy Birthday my foot!!!

Yo, we done with this:


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