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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Artist's approximation of new pavement on Old Two Notch Rd.Grand news people-folk! Some angelic government stooge put pen to paper and signed off on the repaving of the dreaded Old Two Notch corridor that ends the final two miles of our commutes from the city to Hawley. Praise the maker, to quote C3-P0. No more giant sand dunes, no more washboard pavement strewn with glass shards and shattered crack viles. It's smooth sailing for at least a month until some psychotic hillbilly takes a pick ax to it after a pine cone liquor binge and ruins the glassy smooth surface for everybody, including the hillbilly contingent. So yeah, it's not huge news for anybody who doesn't ride to Hawley on their bicycle, but consarn it! It's important to Ole Bloggy!!!

1 comment:

Billy Fehr said...

What is tea totally amazing is the difference between your hand written words and your typed words. Your hand writing is like a 4th grader's and the typed words are a masterpiece. Thank you for the funny.